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Peak Plastic Foundation leverages the power of storytelling to transform power and drive systemic change.

Goliath is Wobbling

Goliath Is Wobbling is a feature-length documentary film and impact campaign to transform power and build capacity for fenceline environmental justice groups fighting oil and gas development. Communities on the US Gulf Coast and Ohio River Valley have experienced a devastating toll from processing infrastructure, drilling and fracking, and the petrochemical pivot and expansion for plastics.

Empowered by its collaborators, the project aims to amplify grassroots leadership on a major distribution platform. The film and impact campaign will serve to scale the grassroots solutions to end the cycle of extractive boom and bust economies and build community resilience for ushering in a just, renewable, and equitable future.


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It Matters Who
Holds the Mic

The world is a diverse place. Too often, the stories we hear are not.
We partner to bring the populations of advocates at the frontline
and fenceline to the forefront.

Stories Drive

We are committed to collaborative storytelling
to build collective power for systemic change.
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